From the latin form Mort (Death) Dom (Kingdom)
Formed in 1994 and disbanded in 2008 with a new album in the works between original frontman / guitarist Rob Seaverns and former guitarist Matt Ebenal once again writing new and more brutal riffs. Mortdom toured extensively in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle, Spokane and Central Washington and gained a large following with songs like Buketz from the Sickness and Wholly albums and Praise Hell Satan off the Sickness album.
A tragic bout of drug induced drama caused the band some touring issues and original drummer Tim Mong who had been the backbone of the Mortdom rythm section was kicked out of the band and the band was forced to cancell it’s Wholly tour in 2008.
The albums Buried at Birth and Filth were put on hold and never went to production as frontman Rob Seaverns had written the majority of music and disbanded the group.
2018 could be a turn around for Mortdom as new material is being written and a new feel is coming into existence which is under lock and key.
Songs from the Buried at Birth EP (Unreleased) and the songs written for Filth may or may not show up in the new material, but if they do they will be all new versions and far heavier than ever before.