MPR Review Of Testify-At Trial (by Joshua Kruszyna)

I think most of us can agree that metal is at its best at its most raw. Sure, lots of layered instruments, electronic effects, and all that other crap can be cool, but at its core, metal speaks to our most primal instincts and our truest emotions. Hailing from Quebec, Testify hold nothing back in delivering stripped-down, primal brutality that exemplifies raw aggression with their debut EP, “At Trial.”

    Kicking things off, the opening intro track builds up the hype and energy with guttural growls, vicious riffing, and pounding drums that don’t let off on the gas. In less than a minute and 30 seconds, these guys effectively define their sound. The aural assault continues on track 2, “Make it Real,” a no-holds bar anthem that seemly issues a challenge to the listener: throw-down or get out! Track 3, “Pig Carnage,” charges straight ahead with simple but effective riffing and vocals that evoke a savagery that lives up to the song title. Track 4, “Cripple the Kid,” continues this trend but kicks all those colorful adjectives I just mentioned up to 11. The album is capped off by the title track, which ends things on a driving yet brooding note, the final minute of the song in particular giving us a taste of Testify at their heaviest.

    For fans of hardcore and grindcore, these guys are right up your ally. Check out Testify’s album “At Trial” at

Overall Sound – 8 out of 10 (hardcore/grindcore fusion at its most raw)

Vocal Style – 8 out of 10 (brutal and guttural, with only some muddled pronounciation)

Overall Song Composition – 7 out of 10 (these guys aren’t breaking any new ground, but they do deliver entertaining tunes)

Originality – 7 out of 10 (see above)