MPR Review Of Thy Station (by Joshua Kruszyna)

Hey kids, you like prog metal? Do you like the sound of early-90s era Dream Theater, but wish they kept things more simple and focused on driving riffs rather than frequently changing tempo? Well you’re in for a treat – today we’re taking a quick look at three tunes by Thy Station, an up-and-coming progressive rock/metal group that definitely delivers the goods.    The first track is “Burning Soul,” and it’s a beast! Fusing driving instrumentation with soaring vocals, it sets the tone nicely. The symphonic pads, Egyptian-sounding guitar riffs, pounding drums, and tempo changes towards the mind-blowing solo really make this tune sound like it would be at home as a B-side on “Images and Words.” Each member of the band delivers an incredible performance throughout its nearly 6-minutes length.
    The next song, “Open Your Eyes,” has a bit more of a straight-ahead, hard rock edge to it. The verses almost sound Manson-esque, ditching the guitar and bass and letting the drums and synthetic pads back up with vocals, before the tight riff-work rears its head for a chorus brimming with epic vocal harmonies. The guitar solo once again takes this song to a whole new level with its virtuosity.
    Wrapping things up is “Hell Voices,” which opens with some psychedelic synth work before diving into a groovy prog rock riff. The dynamic range of the guitar is showcased alongside powerful vocals that focus on lyrical themes of escapism. This one will definitely appeal to bands in the vein of such classic progressive rock bands as Yes and Triumph.
    If this is a sign of what is to come, then Thy Station have an exciting career ahead of them. Here’s hoping they release more tunes soon!
Overall Sound – 7 out of 10 (ethereal progressive rock/metal with groovy riffs and raw-as-hell production)
Vocal Style – 7 out of 10 (soaring vocals that sometimes get drowned out by the incredible instrumentation)
Overall Song Composition – 8 out of 10 (plenty of variety – each song entertains thoroughly from start to finish)
Originality – 7 out of 10 (Thy Station wears their influences on their sleeve)